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Are Facility Management Companies Taking Over the World, or Just My Best Account

If it seems like facility management companies are taking over the world; they are. For years successful contractors have moved to focus on owner-occupied facilities where there is pride of ownership, less budgetary pressure, more profitability and where premium service and relationships matter more. Now, it seems colossal real estate companies are out to “fix” this. The landscape is definitely changing. Major corporations are getting out of the facility business in droves. The message to executives is clear - “Let us use our experience and leverage to manage this non-core function and we’ll cut your costs significantly.” And, where does that money come from? Much of it, of course, is from cleaning. The question is, “What can you do about it?”

This session will explore current trends in facility management as they relate to cleaning; what FM’s look for, what they need, and what they fear most. We’ll also examine strategies proven to help protect existing business, and what opportunities the new world order may provide. Find out what the wizard is really doing behind the curtain.

Speaker: Michael Knight, Better World Consulting

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