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2017 Contracting Success Conference Recordings - Bundle

The 2017 Contracting Success is all wrapped into one. This conference bundle includes all sessions that were recording at BSCAI's Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas! This includes over 30 different speakers with topics ranging from Finance to Sales to Human Resources. These sessions can be applied to Small, Medium, or Large Business. Whatever category you fall within, we have education sessions for you.

Anyone Can Be a Great Sales Person

Learn how to get your entire organization involved in sales growth from lead generation, meeting the future client, to closing the deal. This high energy session will not only improve your sales staff, but will inspire all your organization to have confidence in the sales process. Learn the top 5 methods to get a lead, close the deal with the first visit, and seal the deal with a strong presentation. These 15 key tips will reenergize your sales program to reach new heights.

Speaker: Troy Hopkins, Area Developer, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

BSC Sales and Operations the Cowboy Way

Convention Recording Bundle - 2013 Annual Convention

Want to check out the sessions offered at the 2013 Annual Convention? Nows your chance! View the sessions offered and enhance your current knowledge.

Enhance your learning from the 2013 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2014 Annual Convention

Miss out on the 2014 Annual Convention? Purchase all the session recordings here and hear from top level leaders on all business levels.

Enhance your learning from the 2014 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2015 Annual Convention

Did you miss the 2015 BSCAI Annual Convention? You can grab all the session information here; listen to hear all about what is new within the industry and how you can stay on track with your competitors.

Enhance your learning from the 2015 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2016 Annual Convention

Were you unable to attend the 2016 Annual Convention in Chicago? Not to worry, you can now purchase all the sessions recorded and keep yourself up-to-date on all that's going on in your industry.

Enhance your learning from the 2016 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Cultivating Consistent Sales Growth

Learn how to get your entire organization involved in sales growth from lead generation, meeting the future client, to closing the deal. During this high energy session, author and entrepreneur, Troy Hopkins will use lessons from his latest book, Making Cents of a Dirty Business. These teachings will inspire your entire organization to have confidence in the sales process. After all, anyone can be a great salesperson; all you need is to believe in yourself. Learn the top methods to generate leads, close deals on your first visit, and secure the accounts with a strong presentation. These essential tips will reenergize your sales program to reach new heights.

Definition of Sales Process, Keeping Your Teams Engaged on Sales Priorities, Retention and Growth

Definition of Sales Process, Keeping Teams Engaged on Sales Priorities, Retention and Growth - what is the framework?

Speaker: Jim Harris Jr., Janitronics, Inc

Finding and Keeping Great Hourly Employees

This interactive session will focus on the creative ways we can recruit star hourly employees and do the things that make them want to stay with your company. Some simple changes in the way you look for and interview prospective employees may be all that is needed. We also will review what you can and cannot say in an interview but still get the answers you need to make an intelligent hiring decision.

Growth Mindset 2020

Looking for booming growth in 2020? In this session learn how to attack the sales process and gain a competitive edge on the competition in your market. Learn from top industry leaders how to generate a strong pipeline, convert sales earlier, and increase your close rate. This is your glimpse into how the big players do it, and do it well - don’t miss out!

Ignite Session - Surviving the Small Business Phase of Doing Everything Yourself

This Ted-Talk styled session will discuss having a small business and the feeling of having to do it all yourself. 

Speakers: Julie Garcia, CBSE, President & COO, Action Service Corporation, Bryan Lazorik, Founder, Bryco Services, Jamie Van Vuren, CEO, Bee Line Support, Inc.

Innovation = Cost Saving Productivity

Since we invented the floor pad back in 1958, 3M has been an important innovation partner to the BSC industry. We continue to be a leader in new and creative technology used in the cleaning industry today both in the US and around the world. Come learn how some of these new technologies can help improve both your environmental footprint and your bottom line.

Mapping for Growth

Sales and Operations: Being "Joined at the Hip"

How to integrate your Sales and Operations Teams into one team with a mutually common purpose. Based on real world experience, Richard Rodriguez and Dave Prewitt will explain an approach that combines sales and operations to work together towards a common purpose, while respecting the obligations of their differing roles in your organization.

Speakers: Dave Prewitt, CBSE, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, McLemore Building Maintenance; and Richard Rodriquez, McLemore Building Maintenance

Solve the Mystery Behind Distributor Fees

Delve into the mystery behind distribution houses and how they come up with the fees associated with your product purchases. Get a simple understanding of all the components of distribution and how they arrive at what is a "minimum order" size and how managing your purchases help you save money. Learn why a purchasing program may have required minimum orders and also learn about about various tools to help manage your invetories.

Suspects -vs- Prospects

This one- hour session will explain how to characterize sales "Prospects" versus "Suspects".

Unleashing the True Potential of Your Company

In today’s complex and ultra-competitive business world, we are often confronted with the realization that the company we work for (or own, or manage) is not meeting our own lofty expectations. There may be nothing more frustrating than feeling that your organization is not living up to its true potential. This speaker will break down those silos impairing peak performance that are inherent in virtually all businesses, and will point out ways to eliminate competing factions while harnessing the power of unified interdepartmental behavior(s). To be explored are concepts and strategies on de-minimizing internal conflict, ensuring alignment of employee Roles & Responsibilities and establishing compensation/incentive schemes that are more likely to influence a more motivated, harmonized workforce. At the core, the speaker will detail the important differences between an “entitled” work culture versus an “earned” work culture. What are the telltale signs that reveal what type of company you are running? And then, how do you move forward once you’ve determined your current state cultural and operational position? The building blocks of a company ready for Dynamic Growth are as important, if not more, than great products, great people or great prices—we cannot build a home on a foundation of eggshells, nor should we attempt to build a business model today on a similarly shaky organizational or cultural floorboards. Unleashing the ultimate power of an organization means successfully lining up your business definition with an executable plan that can deliver sustainable value to customers. Does your company meet this criteria? Come learn some simple, but repeatable, concepts on how to transform your company and better your chances to achieve Dynamic Growth…

Warning! You are Losing Money

Speaker: Chris Kincade

What to Look for and What to Expect from a Sales Candidate Assessment

Look at how to identify skills and talents before you start paying someone. Learn the differences of screening sales people and other potential employees.

Speaker: Frank Belzer, VP of Corporate Training, Kurlan and Associates