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2017 Contracting Success Conference Recordings - Bundle

The 2017 Contracting Success is all wrapped into one. This conference bundle includes all sessions that were recording at BSCAI's Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas! This includes over 30 different speakers with topics ranging from Finance to Sales to Human Resources. These sessions can be applied to Small, Medium, or Large Business. Whatever category you fall within, we have education sessions for you.

Certified Site Supervisor (CSS) - 1 Session

BSCAI's Certified Site Supervisor (CSS) designation is the most prestigious symbol of excellence for building service contracting personnel.

Only building service professionals who demonstrate the desire to excel, the dedication to serve, and proven industry competence will be awarded this designation of achievement. CSS ... the designation you see more and more every time you read the name of an industry peer. Isn't it time to demonstrate YOUR commitment to excellence? By earning the BSCAI's Certified Site Supervisor (CSS) designation, you'll become part of an elite group of building service professionals, worldwide - and the rewards to your company will be plentiful.

This course is comprised of seven modules, with an exam at the end of each module. Examinees will need to pass each exam to continue on to the next module. Examinees do not need to have a proctor present. Results are generated automatically and a certificate is generated for immediate download at the completion of the course. This is one time exam designation; once passed, examinees are Certified Site Supervisor designated for life!

Only one session of this product can be purchased.  If you are interested in a group bundle, please purchase the bundle options.

Cliff Notes to Survive and Succeed in Commercial Cleaning

Everyone in this industry wishes there was a manual of “Cliff Notes” to succeed in this business. As an Area Developer, my role on an hourly/ daily basis is to coach and develop successful owners. Over the years, as I run into each situation/ struggle owners encounter, I have developed a book of Key Tips to help achieve success and overcome obstacles. These tips I pass on to my owners weekly, to help encourage and educate them, and more importantly, help them achieve the American Dream of owning a successful business. As we attend BSCAI each year, our hopes, in addition to building lifelong friends, is to take away just a few nuggets of knowledge that will improve our business results. We attend session after session, taking notes, and hoping to implement a few. Then on return home, we take action on some of the new knowledge, but most just fade away. This high energy session will get straight to the point and give you 20 Tips “Cliff Notes” for Success! From simple to creative ideas/ suggestions that you can apply to all parts of your business and you will walk away saying “WOW, why did I not think about that”?

Speaker: Troy Hopkins, Area Developer, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Convention Recording Bundle - 2013 Annual Convention

Want to check out the sessions offered at the 2013 Annual Convention? Nows your chance! View the sessions offered and enhance your current knowledge.

Enhance your learning from the 2013 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2014 Annual Convention

Miss out on the 2014 Annual Convention? Purchase all the session recordings here and hear from top level leaders on all business levels.

Enhance your learning from the 2014 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2015 Annual Convention

Did you miss the 2015 BSCAI Annual Convention? You can grab all the session information here; listen to hear all about what is new within the industry and how you can stay on track with your competitors.

Enhance your learning from the 2015 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2016 Annual Convention

Were you unable to attend the 2016 Annual Convention in Chicago? Not to worry, you can now purchase all the sessions recorded and keep yourself up-to-date on all that's going on in your industry.

Enhance your learning from the 2016 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Creating a Purchasing Platform Panel

This session will discuss building supplier partnerships that tie into your company's overall strategic plan and growth plan. Learn best practices for purchasing and buying in our industry. Our panelists will illustrate the impact of having strategy and using goals to reduce spending.

Speakers: Steve Putnam, Director fo Procurement, Marsden; Arlo Luke, Chairman Varsity Facility Services, Inc.; Taylor Bruce, President, IH Services

Emerging Legal Issues with Staying Union Free

This presentation addresses legal and practical strategies for employers to maintain a union free workplace. This discussion includes: (1) insight on the inner workings of the Service Employees International Union’s organizational efforts; (2) interpretation of the National Labor Relations Board’s recent decisions on joint employers and micro-units; (3) understanding the impacts of immigration compliance policy in relation to organized labor; and (4) practical advice on staying union free. The above presentation will be best suited for medium to large sized companies.

Speaker: Jacob Monty, Attorney, Monty & Ramirez, LLP

How to Benefit from Industry Peer Groups

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 5 or 6 other BSC’s provide you feedback and ideas on the tough decisions?  What about the value of sharing ideas, forms, and other information and processes that could take years to develop on your own?  There is a process where this can be done in a confidential, mutually beneficial environment.  BSCAI Peer Groups!  In this information session, you will hear from BSC’s in peer groups, learn how they work, and how to join!

How to Establish an Effective Information Security Program

To address the increasing threats from hackers and cyber criminals, every business should establish an information security program. This session will explain the basics of information security and give your team common sense tips, processes, and guidelines on ways to identify your risk, how to protect your company against attack, what to do if you are compromised, and the importance of security awareness training in your organization.

How to go from Small to Medium

The presentation will establish the requirements to bid and provide services in the highly regulated life sciences manufacturing facilities. From the regulatory framework of FDA, Europe, Japan, China and Brazil regarding cleaning manufacturing facilities to understanding the Scope of Work for clean areas and documentation requirements. I can provide specific incidences where cleaning is mentioned in Warning Letters and the cost of these observations to the customers. Training of staff will be extensively discussed as well as type of audits that should be performed. A good overview and tools for any company that wants to get in to this very profitable niche.

Ignite Session: Big Problems and how to avoid them

Improving Operational Effectiveness and Profitability through technology

Increasing Revenue Through Strategic Partnerships

Water damage, floods, natural disaster and Indoor Air Quality: as a BSCAI Member you can now offer these services to increase your wallet share and increase opportunities with your clients through an exclusive partnership with DKI, North America's largest restoration organization! Attendees will learn the value of a third party partnership with DKI Restoration services to expand services and drive revenue to your bottom line. Learn how integrating technology, partnerships and networking can maximize income and solidify your reputation and foothold in your market.

Intro into Certifications

IoT and the BSC - Why it Matters to You

Many fellow members of BSCAI struggle with the same thing, finding and retaining talent, and not just at the labor level. Finding the right people to surround yourself at the Leadership Level with makes the difference between a business we run versus a business that runs us.

Knowing, Growing, and Capturing the Value of Your Business

There is a better than 50% chance that a sale of your business is in your future. The time for that sale often arrives without warning. Meanwhile, you continue to work in and on your business and grow it. But, are you simultaneously growing enterprise value so that when that sale time comes you can capture maximum value and do you have clarity on what that value is? This session walks through the business value drivers that you need to be focusing on, how BSC companies typically get valued and through the case study method, shares stories of how the better operators have grown and attained the maximum value for their business in a sale.

Managers…What Are They Good For?

Speakers: Olon Hyde, National Training and Support Manager, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning & Todd Hopkins, CBSE Office Pride

Mastering the Art of the Total Solution

Learn what it takes to move beyond traditional cleaning and become a Total Solution provider. This session will explore proven strategies and innovative ideas that will put you on clients' "A" list and keep you competitive in the evolving world of outsourced facility management.

Motivate the Best - Get Rid of the Rest

When it comes to cost and quality in the service industry, one factor is key, Great Employees. We all seem to spend 90% of our valuable time with the 10% of our poorest performers….. and WHY? This session will teach you to hire slow and fire fast, train correctly, and motivate your employees to excel. One bad apple on a team will spoil the bucket. You will also be surprise how much your poor performers are costing you daily. You not acting quickly on employee issues and ensuring strict/ consistent procedures, is costing you money, straight from your pocket; not to mention lower customer retention.

Speaker: Troy Hopkins, Area Developer, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Performance Measurement and Management Programs

This session is a complete overview of a Performance Measurement and Management Program. This will include sections on what is Performance Management, how you develop KPIs to achieve your company and customer goals, who should measure, how to measure and how to apply your findings for internal operational improvements as well as effectively communicate findings and action plan to customers.

Productivity Seminar

Productivity Seminar

"The seminar will demonstrate how strategic refinement of key processes will enhance productivity while meeting quality objectives. 

Part 1: Simple Steps to Sustainable Productivity Beginning with evaluation of current productivity; followed by offering sound management principles and industry proven methods designed to eliminate wasted time. The results lead to increased production and improved quality allowing for more competitive wages. 

Part 2: How Supervision and Operational Leadership Impacts the delivery of service and customer retention. Understanding how operational leadership impacts every aspect of the customer experience from pricing, safety & quality to increased retention. "

Scaling Your Operational Infrsastructure

Trying to scale your organization to the next level? We’ll explore critical questions such as: what are key drivers of productivity within your team? When do you hire that next manager? How do I take old processes and create new more efficient ones through change management? Scaling your infrastructure is both an art and a science. Let’s get out our paint brushes and calculators and solve for a masterpiece!

So You're Stuck: Dealing with Challeges in Business

Learn the normal process of getting stuck, getting help and moderating your way through challenging times.

Supervision Seminar

"Part 1: Employee Training Improper training may be costing you more than you think. In part 1 of this seminar, you will learn how poor training is dragging down your company and you will learn some strategies to ensure your new employees get started on the right foot, creating a top-performing workplace. Part 2: Employee Communications Most companies believe they do a pretty good job of communicating with their employees; but surveys show that it could be costing you some of your best employees. Learn communication techniques and best practices that will increase motivation and trust in your organization."

The Competitive Advantage of Mindfulness

Our culture seems taken with mindfulness, and for good reason. Overwhelming amounts of research are showing that mindfulness training now only increases stress resiliency, focus, attention, creativity and collaboration - it can actually be a competitive advantage that can help you or your team outperform. Join us for this presentation to get the facts about mindfulness and find out how you can leverage the benefits of mindfulness to decrease stress and unlock potential. 

The Hidden Opportunities in Your Indirect Supply Chain

Supply chain management is being reshaped by the next generation of strategic sourcing personnel. By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the workforce and represent a majority of management positions. Today’s tech-savvy procurement professionals are also bringing with them a B2C shopping experience into the B2B world, and as a result, purchasing decisions are being made further upstream, before they ever see our people or hear our value proposition. So that begs a few questions: How are you going to reach this new ‘millennial’ shopper? And, how are you going to capture their attention to sell your value?

The Power of Employee Engagement

The Top Five Metrics Effective BSCs Should Use

Having clear, actionable metrics to guide your business decisions can mean the difference between proactively eliminating issues and reactively responding to problems after customers bring them to your attention. Which key measurements do the most effective Building Service Contractors pay attention to? Find out as we review the five most important metrics BSCs can use to measure and manage their operations as effectively as possible.  

Speaker: Travis Graham, Product Owner, TEAM Software, Inc.

Ways to Improve Your Customer Perception of Quality and Enhance Your Relationship with All Customers

Working at Height: What You Need to Know

Working at height is the most dangerous thing your workers will undertake. What do you need to know to safely work at height on scaffolds and aerial devices available today?

Speaker: Jeff Stachowiak, Director of Safety Training, Sunbelt Rentals

Working on Your Business Not In Your Business

You started your business to help you have a better personal life, not to control your personal life.  In this workshop, you will learn how to really take control of your business and turn it into a tool to help you achieve your personal goals and make your life better.

Speaker: Todd Hopkins, Founder & CEO, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning