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2017 Contracting Success Conference Recordings - Bundle

The 2017 Contracting Success is all wrapped into one. This conference bundle includes all sessions that were recording at BSCAI's Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas! This includes over 30 different speakers with topics ranging from Finance to Sales to Human Resources. These sessions can be applied to Small, Medium, or Large Business. Whatever category you fall within, we have education sessions for you.

A Company's Valuation: Knowing It Is Correct

This session will deal with the factors that determine the market value of a building service company, examining the various characteristics of a company that either enhance or devalue a company. Suggestions will be made about what actions can be employed to enhance market value.

Speakers: Gary Penrod, President, Gary Penrod and Associates; Christie Rohmer, CPA, Gary Penrod and Associates

Best Practices for Negotiating a Successful M&A Transaction

When negotiating a strategic transaction such as an acquisition or sale of a business, there are best practices to follow which often differ from our unique natural style. For negotiations to be constructive and effective throughout the deal process, there needs to be a strategy that starts with proper staging of the potential transaction and then a well mapped roadmap to carry the transaction over the finish line. In this session, we will discuss these best practices and relate them to actual transactions that have taken place in the building services sector. Attendees will learn how to negotiate the best deal possible while simultaneously keeping a healthy relationship with the other party.

BSC Merger & Acquisition Panel Discussion

Mark Herbick will moderate an engaging session with a panel of janitorial company buyers and/or sellers, with these BSCs sharing the details of their transaction process along with the high points and low points of their respective deals. Panelists will include BSCs that have all done multiple transactions. These transactions will range from the very small but accretive tuck-in size to the very large platform size. During the session, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from this panel of successful serial dealmakers. Whether as a buyer, seller or both, the vast majority of business owners will be involved in strategic transaction at some point in their career. Learning how to navigate these challenges from the lessons learned by others is a best-practice.

Business Valuation

Learn how to determine valuations in the janitoral sector. Attendees will understand the why everyone needs to value their business and gain an understanding of different methods of valuation. Mark and Mike will dispel the myths about valuation and teach attendees how to use valuation to increase the value of their company.

Speakers: Mark Herbick, President, Pursant, LLC and Michael Dorman, Pursant, LLC

Convention Recording Bundle - 2013 Annual Convention

Want to check out the sessions offered at the 2013 Annual Convention? Nows your chance! View the sessions offered and enhance your current knowledge.

Enhance your learning from the 2013 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2014 Annual Convention

Miss out on the 2014 Annual Convention? Purchase all the session recordings here and hear from top level leaders on all business levels.

Enhance your learning from the 2014 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2015 Annual Convention

Did you miss the 2015 BSCAI Annual Convention? You can grab all the session information here; listen to hear all about what is new within the industry and how you can stay on track with your competitors.

Enhance your learning from the 2015 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2016 Annual Convention

Were you unable to attend the 2016 Annual Convention in Chicago? Not to worry, you can now purchase all the sessions recorded and keep yourself up-to-date on all that's going on in your industry.

Enhance your learning from the 2016 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Deep Dive into Janitorial M&A Deals

M&A in the janitorial space is heating up, but what are the real facts behind these deals versus the country club tales and how do you leverage these deal insights to execute better M&A transactions of your own? As a follow-up to the 2017 BSCAI CEO Seminar, we will take a deep dive into the details of 10 recent actual BSC deals. We will examine the various risk/reward profiles that drove the deal structures, valuation multiples and ultimate outcomes.

Speaker: Mark Herbick, Founder & CEO, Pursant, LLC
Speaker: Mark Herbick, Founder & CEO, Pursant, LLC

Divesting Your Company

The vast majority of owner-operated businesses in North America fail to make succession planning a priority. In most cases, owners do not have any strategy to capitalize on the wealth and value in their businesses. An understanding of the divestiture process including valuation metrics, potential purchasers, deal structures, due diligence and common legal terms and conditions will allow an owner to plan appropriately, and maximize the value of their business. This session is designed to give a basic overview of divestitures and what potential purchasers are looking for when buying businesses.

Speaker: Daryl Pace, Senior Director Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Compass Group

Financial Management of the Janitorial Business

Financial Management of the Janitorial Business

This session will explore advanced concepts related to financial management of janitorial business. It will cover topics including cash flow management, budgeting, investing (both back into the business as well as on behalf of the owner individually), and preparing for a transition to a new owner. Participants will learn about key financial ratios that indicate the financial health of a business and gain an understanding of how to assess the financial health of their own company. From there, the presentation will explore the concept of cash flow from numerous perspectives: the prospective buyer, the new owner, the growing company and the mature owner heading toward retirement. Finally, the presentation will conclude with a discussion of exit planning, with a specific emphasis on how owners can build wealth both within and outside of their business.

Financials, Understanding Metrics, Basics and the 3 Most Common Types

Business owners have hectic schedules but ignoring the financial statements or not understanding them completely can put their business and possibly their personal assets at risk. This session gives an overview what to look for in the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement as well as key metrics to track to maximize profitability and cash flow for your company.

Speakers: Eric Luke, CPA, CBSE, President and CEO, Varsity Facility Services, Christi Rohmer, Penrod & Associates and Shane Campbell, Varsity Facility Services, Director of Training and HR

Future of M&A in the BSC Industry

What comes to mind when you think about buying or selling a business? Valuation and purchase price are normally at the top of the list for most people, regardless of whether they are buying or selling. Buyers then tend to think about their acquisition criteria – location, service lines, price range, etc. Sellers on the other hand think about money, retirement, and all the potential their business possesses for a new owner who really knows how to capitalize on it. While all of this is important, there is one factor that trumps all others: customers. In the janitorial industry, like in many business services sectors, the ability of one owner to properly transition their customer base to a new owner defines the valuation and determines whether the deal will be a success or a failure. It doesn’t matter if you generate $200,000 in annual revenues or $20,000,000 – if I can’t rely on the same customers producing the same volume of sales then I’m not sure I want to buy your business. When performing due diligence to understand a company’s sales dynamics and the key contributions to revenue, four key aspects must be analyzed: 1. Recurring vs non-recurring revenue 2. Contracts 3. Customer Relationship Management 4. Customer concentration

Getting the Most from Your Distributors

While supply chain expenses are a relatively small portion of your operating expenses, they play a critical role in satisfying your clients. Collaborating with your distributor can bring you so much more than the right product at the right time and at the right price. The supply chain of manufacturer –distributor – janitorial company offers reduced supply costs, labor savings and end user benefits. Your distributor is in the center of that opportunity. This session will demonstrate how you can maximize the effectiveness of the supply chain to enhance client satisfaction and your profitability through a high performance distributor relationship.

It's Not the Price; It's How Much You Keep After Selling Your Business

This session will serve as guidance for anyone contemplating the sale of their business now or in the future. Attendees will be presented with a realistic analysis of what to expect with regard to the sale proceeds that will be kept after working capital, State and Federal taxes and more.There will be analysis about how the corporate structure (C, S or LLC) can influence proceeds. Some of the discussion will deal with steps that can be taken now in anticipation of selling the company in the near or long-term future. There will also be some discussion about how to overcome some of the negative aspects of certain corporate structures at the time of the sale. Finally, there will be comment about ways to minimize the tax impact after the sale. The final 10 minutes will be devoted to a brief description of the current M&A activity within the building services industry.

MA Deals - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Business owners enter into an M&A transaction with a vision of how they feel the process and ending will go. More often than not, neither the process nor the closure go as planned. Sometimes things go better than expected and other times worse. During our time together, we will use the case-study method to explore real transactions with real endings and review what made the great transactions go well and others fail. Only 15% of businesses get passed on to the next generation. With this in-mind, most business owners will need to sell their business at some point in time. Learning how to maximize the value of your business in a sale, make a successful acquisition and navigating the process are all lessons best learned from the success and failure of others.

Manpower Stabilization- Taking a Strategic Approach to Impacting the Retention and Turnover Problem

Research to Reality - Market Innovations and Insurance Fundamentals for BSCs

See how Liberty Mutual's Research Institute is delivering cutting edge research with regard to ergonomics and safety, and applying these areas of expertise to help our BSC insured's better understand and address the causes of injuries and disability, reduce costs and lead safer, more secure operations.  In addition, critical insurance coverage areas that all BSCs need to know will be covered, including strategies that can be undertaken to lower risk exposures and premiums.

The Building Services Industry: From Then To Now, And Beyond

This session attendees will learn a basic history of the building service industry, beginning with how and when the industry was started. This session will address the "mom and pop" phenomenon and how businesses gained momentum from the 1950's to 1970's, to the present date. We will address topics such as competition, expansion, space, growing from cleaning to multi-service, and much more.

The Roadmap to Buying and Integrating a Business

Global mergers and acquisitions are on a tear with 2015 marking an all-time high in volume. With the very low cost of capital and limited organic growth options, there new buyers jumping into the acquisition game every day. Most buyers are singularly focused on the hurdles of how to buy and less focused on what they will actually do with a company after they have bought it. In fact, if a deal goes bad, it normally happens as a result of poor handling post-sale. The most successful acquirers have not only mastered the buying process, but are extremely adept at integrating as well. This workshop is not only perfect for acquisitive business owners, but also those that eventually want to sell and want to know what to expect. We will walk through the process of preparing your business for the buy, sourcing acquisition targets, doing the deal and finally, increasing the chances of seeing your ROI through a carefully crafted integration strategy.

The Sellability of Your Business

This presentation discusses the concept of sellability, an owner’s ability to successfully complete the sale of their business at a fair market value. It will explore the seven financial and non-financial aspects of a janitorial maintenance business that determine how attractive it is to prospective buyers, and attempt to explain why some businesses are worth buying at almost any price while others are difficult to sell even when practically given away. When discussing the sale of a janitorial business, one topic usually reigns supreme: price. This seems like common sense; buyers want to pay as little as possible while sellers want to realize maximum value. And in an industry in which corporate acquisitions have fueled several discussions on the subject as prices have been driven to all-time highs, it can be tough to focus on anything else. But what if I told you that price is only part of the equation? In other words, why do some companies generate bidding wars and push multiples to record levels while others that appear similar in size and structure fail to attract offers and are very difficult to sell? Sellability is the concept of measuring the likelihood of a business that is offered for sale actually selling. While price can never be completely eliminated from the equation, it operates under the assumption that both parties in the transaction are rational, acting at arm’s length, and aligned on fair market value. With this achieved, it determines whether a buyer would actually pay fair market value – regardless of whether that is $1 or $10,000,000 – to buy the business. This presentation will discuss the seven aspects of sellability: Financial; Legal; Ownership; Operations; Customers; Employees; and Industry & Market. It will explore the underlying factors that make up each category, and address the most common strengths and weaknesses found in within the industry.

What is the Value of Your Business?

Learn how to calculate the value of your business and determine the financial perspective of your company. Learn what buyers are looking for in valuations and what risk factors your should consider in selling your business and how to minimize risk on both sides.

Speaker: Peter J. Holton, Managing Director, Caber Hills Advisors

Why Acquisitions Succeed; Why they Fail

Why Acquisitions Succeed; Why They Fail. Plus, M&A Outlook for 2014 Thankfully, most acquisitions within the Building Services Sector succeed; however, a few do not. I. Seller Commitment. A. Is it the right time to sell? B. What is the plan for the future? C. How much is enough? D. Is compromise possible? E. Is there understanding that there will be change and some residual risk. F. Is the seller prepared to have the buyer succeed too? II. Buyer Commitment / Qualifications A. Is the acquisition a good strategic move? B. Does the buyer have a vision? C. Has the buyer acquired successfully in the past? D. Relative importance of this acquisition to the buyer's overall success. E. Does the buyer understand the seller's perspective? III. What a buyer's or seller's negotiation style indicates. IV. The Current State of Activity. Plus, What is Ahead for 2014.