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Why Acquisitions Succeed; Why they Fail

Why Acquisitions Succeed; Why They Fail. Plus, M&A Outlook for 2014 Thankfully, most acquisitions within the Building Services Sector succeed; however, a few do not. I. Seller Commitment. A. Is it the right time to sell? B. What is the plan for the future? C. How much is enough? D. Is compromise possible? E. Is there understanding that there will be change and some residual risk. F. Is the seller prepared to have the buyer succeed too? II. Buyer Commitment / Qualifications A. Is the acquisition a good strategic move? B. Does the buyer have a vision? C. Has the buyer acquired successfully in the past? D. Relative importance of this acquisition to the buyer's overall success. E. Does the buyer understand the seller's perspective? III. What a buyer's or seller's negotiation style indicates. IV. The Current State of Activity. Plus, What is Ahead for 2014.

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