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Unleashing the True Potential of Your Company

In today’s complex and ultra-competitive business world, we are often confronted with the realization that the company we work for (or own, or manage) is not meeting our own lofty expectations. There may be nothing more frustrating than feeling that your organization is not living up to its true potential. This speaker will break down those silos impairing peak performance that are inherent in virtually all businesses, and will point out ways to eliminate competing factions while harnessing the power of unified interdepartmental behavior(s). To be explored are concepts and strategies on de-minimizing internal conflict, ensuring alignment of employee Roles & Responsibilities and establishing compensation/incentive schemes that are more likely to influence a more motivated, harmonized workforce. At the core, the speaker will detail the important differences between an “entitled” work culture versus an “earned” work culture. What are the telltale signs that reveal what type of company you are running? And then, how do you move forward once you’ve determined your current state cultural and operational position? The building blocks of a company ready for Dynamic Growth are as important, if not more, than great products, great people or great prices—we cannot build a home on a foundation of eggshells, nor should we attempt to build a business model today on a similarly shaky organizational or cultural floorboards. Unleashing the ultimate power of an organization means successfully lining up your business definition with an executable plan that can deliver sustainable value to customers. Does your company meet this criteria? Come learn some simple, but repeatable, concepts on how to transform your company and better your chances to achieve Dynamic Growth…

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