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Seven Tactics Every Small BSC Can Master for Growth and Profit

Seven Tactics Every Small BSC Can Master for Growth and Profit BSCs that fall in the small size category can utilize smaller size to their advantage to create larger profit margins and drive growth. Greater elaboration and examples will be given during presentation of the following pointers.
1. Provide outstanding Customer Service. Don’t allow outstanding customer service to be a cliché. Ensure it is your company’s mode of operation.
2. Immediately respond. Take care of any problem or concern NOW. It is the most appreciated act.
3. Create your dream team. You will be able to observe and define what type of employee is right for your business culture and services. Wean out the bad seeds quickly.
4. Maximize efficiency. Minimize waste. Look for it. Provide what employees need, but don’t supply what they are not using. Shop around. Measure the difference.
5. Find a niche. What types of businesses or customers are you best at serving? They will know similar customer and refer your business.
6. Diversity your capabilities. You have direct communication with your clients. Know their needs and meet them. Add on carpet cleaning, stripping floors, cleaning ducts. Earn while you learn and perfect.
7. Refine your Target Marketing: You know your niche. Refine how you can reach them and woo them.

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