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The Roadmap to Buying and Integrating a Business

Global mergers and acquisitions are on a tear with 2015 marking an all-time high in volume. With the very low cost of capital and limited organic growth options, there new buyers jumping into the acquisition game every day. Most buyers are singularly focused on the hurdles of how to buy and less focused on what they will actually do with a company after they have bought it. In fact, if a deal goes bad, it normally happens as a result of poor handling post-sale. The most successful acquirers have not only mastered the buying process, but are extremely adept at integrating as well. This workshop is not only perfect for acquisitive business owners, but also those that eventually want to sell and want to know what to expect. We will walk through the process of preparing your business for the buy, sourcing acquisition targets, doing the deal and finally, increasing the chances of seeing your ROI through a carefully crafted integration strategy.

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