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Technology is in everyone’s daily lives from reading the newspaper, ordering a taxi, booking a flight, or video calling people on the other side of the world. Clients expectations have changed drastically over the past few years, and in a recent survey of 500 business owners, 96% said they are influenced by technology when hiring a cleaning company. This presentation will cover a recent article (see below): "How I won over 80% of my cleaning quotes by showcasing technology" and also focus on removing the stigma around technology. My main competitor is not another software company, it is pen and paper. I don't want to push my company, I want to put people at ease about technology and give them insights about how they can leverage their workforce (who is already trained and using software through social media and other channels) through software. Goals: Help displace the fears/stigma around technology, make it approachable, motivate them to comfortably and confidently search for a solution for themselves, and teach them how to communicate this to clients to better position them for a sale.

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