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Get a Life!: 7 tools to manage your time and increase your energy to lead a productive and rewarding life

Are you managing your life or is your life managing you? With all of life's pressures, many entrepreneurs and business professionals struggle with juggling too many balls at once, and find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed trying to keep up in this fast paced world we live in. Through this powerful session you will learn key principles to live intentionally, managing your energy and time to their fullest to increase productivity in your work, creating more space for family and the things you value most.

Part 1: Manage Your Energy to Perform at Your Best Graham will teach you how to increase your output 10x's by controlling your energy with an optimistic attitude, efficient exercise, and simple nutrition. Part 2: Manage Your Time Effectively with a Proven Process Janelle will lead you through essential tools to increase your productivity, allowing you to get more done in less time. Set up effective rituals, email management and intentional calendaring to maximize results. Join us, and be empowered to create the abundant, successful life you are striving for.

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