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Cliff Notes to Survive and Succeed in Commercial Cleaning

Everyone in this industry wishes there was a manual of “Cliff Notes” to succeed in this business. As an Area Developer, my role on an hourly/ daily basis is to coach and develop successful owners. Over the years, as I run into each situation/ struggle owners encounter, I have developed a book of Key Tips to help achieve success and overcome obstacles. These tips I pass on to my owners weekly, to help encourage and educate them, and more importantly, help them achieve the American Dream of owning a successful business. As we attend BSCAI each year, our hopes, in addition to building lifelong friends, is to take away just a few nuggets of knowledge that will improve our business results. We attend session after session, taking notes, and hoping to implement a few. Then on return home, we take action on some of the new knowledge, but most just fade away. This high energy session will get straight to the point and give you 20 Tips “Cliff Notes” for Success! From simple to creative ideas/ suggestions that you can apply to all parts of your business and you will walk away saying “WOW, why did I not think about that”?

Speaker: Troy Hopkins, Area Developer, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

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