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Balancing the Scorecard

‘Long Term, Sustainable, Growth’ is the goal. You and your team must be motivated to that end. ‘Five key Goals’ must be developed to keep everyone focused on that objective. A key point is developing a balanced scorecard for each team member. So that all are focused on their achievement.
These goals can look like this: 

 · Growth in Sales
 · Increasing Profitability
 · Customer Retention (absolute)
 · Continuous Teambuilding
 · Strategic (a little proactivity)  

Concentrating on only one or two while ignoring the other shared goals will not result in your achieving the overall goal. A balanced approach must be taken and all the shared goals must be considered simultaneously. This definitely takes determination, but it is possible if you “plan your work, and work your plan.” (Also, create an all-encompassing incentive plan so that you can "pay for results" not just activities.) You cannot manage what you can’t measure. The balance scorecard is a great way to give you that " measuring stick" This workshop will be about how to set those goals, build your matrixes, and manage your goals around your scorecard.

Speaker: Barney Gershen, President, Gershen Consulting, LLC"

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