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2017 Contracting Success Conference Recordings - Bundle

The 2017 Contracting Success is all wrapped into one. This conference bundle includes all sessions that were recording at BSCAI's Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas! This includes over 30 different speakers with topics ranging from Finance to Sales to Human Resources. These sessions can be applied to Small, Medium, or Large Business. Whatever category you fall within, we have education sessions for you.

Attracting and Retaining World-Class Team Members

Attracting, hiring, and retaining a reliable and competent workforce is often the most critical function and greatest challenge of any organization. This challenge is significantly heightened with today’s socioeconomic wage pressures and tightened labor markets causing abnormal staff turnover and active competition. Without a comprehensive strategic hiring & recruiting plan, the results are tangible – loss of operational efficiencies and customer dissatisfaction - with an effect that erodes competitive advantage and profits. Explore through this interactive session, those components to a winning strategy from generating a funnel that attracts potential candidates, to making first-impressions, lean hiring procedures, successful integration, and retaining your best. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear firsthand practical solutions from a panel of executives from one of the industry’s leading BSCs.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2013 Annual Convention

Want to check out the sessions offered at the 2013 Annual Convention? Nows your chance! View the sessions offered and enhance your current knowledge.

Enhance your learning from the 2013 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2014 Annual Convention

Miss out on the 2014 Annual Convention? Purchase all the session recordings here and hear from top level leaders on all business levels.

Enhance your learning from the 2014 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2015 Annual Convention

Did you miss the 2015 BSCAI Annual Convention? You can grab all the session information here; listen to hear all about what is new within the industry and how you can stay on track with your competitors.

Enhance your learning from the 2015 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Convention Recording Bundle - 2016 Annual Convention

Were you unable to attend the 2016 Annual Convention in Chicago? Not to worry, you can now purchase all the sessions recorded and keep yourself up-to-date on all that's going on in your industry.

Enhance your learning from the 2016 Annual Convention with topics that cover all business sizes.

Decrease your Expenses by 10% through Employee Movitation (this topic can fall under finance/ operations and Human resources?)

Decrease your Expenses by 10% through Employee Motivation This high energy session addresses many challenges any size janitorial company faces, and combines them into one session that will keep you on the edge of your seat. No matter how advanced your equipment, efficient your chemicals, or well-priced your bid, you will not be successful if you do not have a motivated employee on the front line. 1. Learn how much money you can save by properly training and rewarding your employee 2. Learn how to increase your customer retention by improving your quality with employees who owns their performance. 3. Learn how to save money by not having layers of supervisors or management. Take that savings and give back to your front line employees, and see your profits grow!

Speaker: Troy Hopkins, Area Developer, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

Effective Recruiting and Hiring Techniques

Extreme Small Business Makeover

Finding and Keeping Top Talent in a Tight Labor Market

How to Use Technology to Gain Customer Faster and Keep Them Longer

"How have you used technology within your organization? How have you gained your customers? Is there a way to use technology to gain customers? Join Paul Greenland and Laurence Abrams as they discuss and show the work flow processes of technology and how they use it on a day to day basis. How have you used technology within your organization? How have you gained your customers? Is there a way to use technology to gain customers? Join Paul Greenland and Laurence Abrams as they discuss and show the work flow processes of technology and hoe they use it on a day to day basis. "

HR Ignite Session – Leadership of Employees in Large Business

Come and challenge your thinking about how you've always done things in this three part, TED-style talk format.  The first part will challenge your thinking on the role of leadership in large organizations. The second part will bring some fresh ideas to the hiring process.  The last session will make you think through what it really takes to retain employees.

Labor Panel Open Discussion

On the Precipice of Comprehensive Immigration Reform: What Employers Need To Know About The Changing Immigration

Immigration reform; you're read about it, you've been waiting for it. The house has come to an agreement, but on Feb 12, 2014 reform was declined by the speaker of the house. Immigration reform has already happened - here is how and how you can get ready.

Speaker: Jacob Monty, Attorney, Monty & Ramirez, LLP

People Are The Heart (And Soul) of Any Successful Building Maintenance Provider

People Management Trends and Tips - attracting, retaining and engaging strategies for large business leaders

The important compliance and business trends that all managers of large businesses should know will be discussed in this session. Attendees will receive an overview of trends, ideas for compliance and have the opportunity to have your critical HR/Management questions answered.

Ready! Steady! Engage! Ways to Improve Workplace Strength through Employee Engagement

Study after study reveals that employee engagement is directly linked to increased productivity, profitability and client satisfaction. How can you improve employee engagement? Ready! Steady! Engage explores the components of employee engagement and includes tips for helping organizations reach their full potential.

Speaker: Claudia St. John, President, Affinity HR Group

Retaining Staff through Engagement

During this session, the presenter will discuss the motivation factors for a non-skill employee to make a long-term career in the BSC industry. You will learn how to identify those key factors and create a culture within your management team to impact their direct reports.

Presenter: Greg Stump CBSE, Branch Manager, The Budd Group

STAY - Retention Initiatives in the Competitive Labor Market Place

With High Unemployment rates over the past decade, our industry has had the best retention performance since the early 80's. But the world has changed, and so must our strategy for attracting and retaining quality custodial performers. Learn from two 25+ year veterans in contract cleaning how to repurpose or recycle retention strategies of the past into successful action plans for the future. Drink your coffee and come ready to participate; you WILL generate at least five new, low cost ideas to reduce turnover.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Impacting the Retention and Turnover Problem

Turnover and retention is a challenge plaguing the industry. During this session, a high-level overview will be provided along with a discussion that addresses four key areas: leadership mindset, recruiting, retention and data. Real-life industry examples of success and failures will be used and proven strategies to mitigate the challenges will be offered.

Teams + Trust = Success

Do you have under performers on your team? Do they realize they are under performing? As a leader in your company, you look to your employees to perform at the top of their game and not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Unfortunately, clear expectations are often miscommunicated and your employee falls short without ever realizing he or she did anything wrong. This session will help you recognize how you can develop a high performance environment, filled with employees that exceed expectations.

Tips for Hiring and Retaining Top Employees in a Tight Labor Market

It is no surprise that in this age of historically low unemployment rates, filling vacancies is a challenge as is keeping employees engaged and safe from being lured away by competing employers. This presentation will explore some new trends and recruiting incentives to help BSCs attract new talent and strategies for improving employee engagement, retention, and lowering employee turnover. Participants will:

• gather some tips and tricks for recruiting cleaning and office staff 
• explore affordable and effective ways to improve employee engagement and retention 
• walk away with at least three ideas for improving their hiring and engagement processes 

Transforming Teams

Based on the book by Claudia St. John, “Transforming Teams – Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust,” this presentation explores the common breakdowns that happen between coworkers and colleagues, and particularly those between sales and customer service or operations teams. It explores why these familiar breakdowns occur and how to resolve them.

Speaker: Claudia St. John, President, Affinity HR Group